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I’ve noticed my hair thinning at 21, but until recently have been unable to manage it with hairstyles because of extreme thinning in the front. The crown is thicker, but has been noticeabley thinning as well. Last year Aug 2016 I decided to finally get a FUE artas hair transplant. Dr. Deyarman recommended 1250 grafts in the hairline region only since I have plenty of hair in the crown that could be maintained using fin/minox/biotin etc..

It’s been 5 months and so far I’m loving the results! I still have another 7 months to go. I’ve never been a daily maintenance guy but decided if I’m going to shell out this money for a procedure I might as well take care of my hair. So here’s my daily regimen. Might seem like a lot, but I got used to it over time:

1, 5000 mcg biotin
1, 1mg finasteride (no sides so far)
2, 200mg magnesium pills
1, 1500mg msm pill
Pura’dor hairloss prevention shampoo nightly (Amazon)
Nightly 5% minoxidil (6 month supply Amazon)

So far I feel a lot better about my look. I was scared the procedure wouldn’t work and all these reviews I read before going through with it wouldn’t work for me. Now my confidence is way up and I don’t have to wear a hat every single day now.”

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