Lateral slits allow for the advantage of orienting the hair within the follicular unit to match the way it grows in nature. It will allow for the highest degree of control over the direction and angle in which the transplanted hairs will ultimately grow.

This technique is constantly being sought out by patients worldwide. It is a very precise and calculated method which takes much more time and patience; it is for this very reason that DeYarman Medical Group performs ONE case per day.

Follicular units placed in lateral slits will provide more coverage than those placed in vertical slits, as the hair tends to fan out over the surface of the scalp rather than lying on top of one another. Lateral slits also help to angle the grafts more acutely and to follow the natural angle of the patient’s original hair. This is particularly important at the temples, in the crown, sideburn areas and in eyebrow restoration.

In all hair transplants, the goal during the procedure is to create a snug fit between the follicular unit and the skin surrounding the graft. This will maximize oxygenation of the grafts, promote healing and increase graft survival. Tiny recipient sites also helps to ensure that there will be no visible scarring, pitting or other surface irregularities as a result of the hair restoration procedure.

Before site creation begins, the different size follicular units are fitted to specific site sizes to determine exactly the best size instrument to use for each graft. By custom fitting the sites to the grafts, healing is facilitated and our patients are able to return to showering and gentle shampooing the day following the hair restoration.



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