Stem Cell Hair Therapy is the latest hair transplantation technique with fast and effective results. Both surgeons and patients have rated it as the most efficient hair restoration technique to date.
Stem Cell Hair Therapy aims at:
  • Helping you get the desired hair density
  • Giving you the best results with negligible downtime and minimum recovery period

Hair loss Stem Cell Therapy is the most advanced and modern approach available for treating thinning hair and advanced hair loss.

Stem Cell Therapy has the ability to build or reinforce the hair follicle papilla.* This is essentially a base of hair follicle bulb that is made of connective tissues and capillary loop. Given that it is mainly connective tissue, the stem cells prove to be really useful in the regeneration and repair of the hair follicle papilla.

Our medical data has established that a combined program with the help of Stem Cell Treatment directly administered to the balding area, is highly effective for fast and long term improvement hair growth. The effects of stem cell therapy for Hair Loss are ongoing, long term, and permanent.



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