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Dr. DeYarman and his Medical Group have been performing hair transplant procedures for well over 30 years now. His use of state-of-the-art and cutting-edge techniques make him the best in San Diego and Los Angeles, and also one of the best in the country. Not only is he great at his work, but he is also fast; he can do up to 5000 grafts in a session, revealing incredible results. He also uses other innovative methods for hair replacement including FUE hair transplants, PRP, and Acell treatments.

New & Innovative Hair Replacement Technologies in San Diego

Procedures like PRP yield amazing outcomes. It actually helps to heal the redness and irritation of a hair transplant in as little as 4 days and enables hair to begin growing in just 2 months! Because of its immense success, PRP treatment is now a standard for all of our hair replacement practices.

Dr. DeYarman recently discovered a break-through in the hair restoration industry, when he attended the ISHRS meeting. This new treatment is called Acell. Acell is used for tissue regeneration that has proven to further benefit hair transplant and restoration.

Dr. DeYarman serves all of San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Southern California. His impressive practices are relied on by colleagues, professional athletes, surgeons, and more. His patient satisfaction rate is outstanding and he still strives to advance.

Dedication to Hair Loss Transplant Perfection in San Diego, CA

DeYarman Medical Group’s excellence and perfectionism is unmatched. Dr. DeYarman actually does all of his own consultations that are very detailed and he will even spend up to one hour. He is extremely meticulous in everything he does to make sure you receive the best results achievable.

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